A trip to Jekabpils


On 20 June 2010 we were able to make a trip in Jekabpils. Thanks to the efforts of Paul Kolosov, our group was warmly received by the inhabitants of the Holy Spirit Monastery, where the Yakobstadskaya miraculous icon of the Mother of God was recently returned.

We attended the church service, We`ve got blessing, have learned many new and interesting facts,
and we have shared a meal with the inhabitants of the monastery.
On the same day we visited the most beautiful place in Latvia - Lodge Lacplesis (or bed Lacplesis) - a huge rock lying on the bank of the Daugava River in Lielvarde was called so by peolpe. The story tells, that Lachplesis wasn`t killed in battle with the Black knight, he comes here at night to rest on a boulder. If the night is cool, he covers with the top of the boulder that is next to the Lacplesis lodger. We put our hands to the stone that exuded pleasant warmth. Each of us had a particle of heat and we hope it will bring us a favor.
That was a great trip. We have received lots of positive emotions and the weather that day favored us.