Motor Neuron Disease – for Patients and Medical Professionals

On May 6, 2017, at the Tallink Hotel Riga, at 24 Elizabetes street in Riga, an event named “Day of the Motor Neuron Disease – for Patients and Medical Professionals” was held by the Latvian Society of Neuroimmunologists in cooperation with the Association for people with special needs MOTUS VITA.


Motor neuron disease is a rare disease, consequently, a genuine and precise information about its treatment, rehabilitation, and patients care is vital for everyone taking care of ALS patients.


The event started by demonstration of a documentary “Are's life with ALS - Lou Gehrig's disease” about an ALS patient’s life in Norway. The documentary had been kindly provided to us by our Norwegian colleagues.


Then, Olga Veidina, the Chairperson of the Social Issues Committee of the Riga City Council, and Irina Vinnika, Deputy of the Riga City Council, addressed their welcome speeches to the audience.


The main workload of organizing and preparing the event was undertaken by the Latvian Society of Neuroimmunologists leaded by Viktorija Kenina. We are sincerely grateful to Viktorija and her team for holding this event.


The program of the event comprised 6 topics:


- ALS and other motor neuron diseases (Viktorija Kenina, Assistant Professor);

- Evaluating and correction of breathing function for ALS patients (Juris Vjugins, Physician);

- Feeding problems of ALS patients (Reinis Laguns, Physician);

- What can we offer to the ALS patients in Latvia (Aigars Lavrinovics / Viktorija Keninas);

- Approach to ALS patients – Saint-Petersburg’s experience (Vera Demeshonok, Physician, Saint-Petersburg).

Finally, Aleksandra Ivanova from the MOTUS VITA Association told the participants of the event about what the Association is already doing for ALS patients and what is planned to do in the future.


The good news is that many students of the Riga Stradins University, future medical professionals, also participated in the event.


Resuming the results of the event, it is to be said that during the last two years there are many things done in Latvia in order to provide medical care to ALS patients. Extensive future plans have been as well proposed.