Evening with Boris Levi


On July 19th, at 18.00 at the premises of the HAPPY ART MUSEUM an evening with the composer and theatre producer Boris Levi was organized by the association MOTUS VITA. Some friends of Boris also participated in the event – theatre producer and lecturer Aba Gercbah and writer Sergejs Cernikovs.

The creative activity of Boris is so wide, that it is quite a task to squeeze it into one evening. Boris Levi is the author of songs, theatre music, he also writes poems and short novels, is a theatre producer. His musical “Dorian Gray” had been showed in Riga for four years with a huge success. Boris told the guests of the evening about his biography in a humorous way, read out some of his poetry and short novels, also performed his original songs which are already well-known and loved by the audience.

Aba Gercbah gave an interesting, interactive music class involving all the guests of the event: he organized a united voice orchestra which performed, to a joy of the audience, a well-known melody.

Finally, Boris and Sergejs presented ax extract from the musical “Dorian Gray”.

The event turned out to be a real success, and all the guests truly enjoyed the evening.