Seminars at the Riga International Airport


On January 25 and on February 13, 2018, the Training Centre of the Riga International Airport hosted a seminars for the airport’s employees working directly with passengers. The main purpose of seminars was to provide useful information to the staff regarding the ways of ensuring maximum comfort and safety to the passengers with special needs.


The seminars was presented by the MOTUS VITA representatives Aleksandra Gromova and Sabīne Mikulāne. Aleksandra Gromova told about particularities of persons with neuromuscular diseases. She accentuated several aspects requiring special attention and advised the staff what to do in order to make possibly comfortable the time spent at the airport by these passengers. In her turn, Sabīne Mikulāne told about technical aids used normally by the persons with neuromuscular diseases. The point was to emphasize correct use aspects of the technical aids.