The exhibition at the Riga Duma.


An exhibition of works of MOTUS VITA, established under the program of art therapy took place at the building of Riga City Council, 23.02.-03.03.2011.

The program of art therapy is a rehabilitation technology based on the use of the fine arts. Art therapy is based on the mobilization of the human creative potential, the inner mechanisms of self-regulation and healing.

…Irina Vinnik, a Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Social Affairs in Riga City Council, precisely formulated ​​ the main feature of this exhibition.
- It is a fantastic ... Almost impossible ... It was created by people who were able to overcome their merciless and unjust fate. And, perhaps, of all people living on earth, only they are able to understand what it means for a person an opportunity to move independently, move freely and control your own body ...