Program: technical auxiliary aids.


Implementing the program of providing people with a restriction in movement with assistive technology aids, the National Centre for Social Welfare "Riga" was given a party of humanitarian aid received by the MOTUS VITA from International Alliance ALS / MND in May 2012 (

We thank from the heart Gudyan Sigurdsson, a president of the Alliance and Christine Einarsdottir, a chief ergotherapist of the National University Hospital of Iceland, for their personal contribution to this program. (Kristin Einarsdottir is a Director of Occupational Therapy in the National University Hospital of Iceland))

And those are only first actual results within a large international project involving both governmental and nongovernmental organizations from Iceland, Belgium, Australia and Latvia.

Pensions for people with disabilities "Ezerkrasti" and "Jugla" received much-needed assistance in the form of multifunctional beds, wheelchairs, walkers, fixtures for bathrooms and toilet rooms and other necessary goods. MOTUS VITA participants receive necessary technical aid. MOTUS VITA is actively working to ensure that its participants with neuromuscular diseases will be provided with the electric wheelchairs and specially equipped additional technical devices based on the individual characteristics of the particular individual. All these tools allow to make the lives of people with disabilities more independent and comfortable.

It should be noted that the foundations of this program were developed in August 2011 at the international conference "Baltic Bridge" organized by MOTUS VITA Jurmala (Latvia). And to organize and conduct the conference itself was possible through the support of Boris and Inara Teterevi fund (