Summer camp “Challenge 5”, 2012. “Wings for Wheels”.


In the beginning of July we had a rest in the summer camp in Raiskums. Despite this
summer is not so warm, the week spent in the summer camp remembers by warm and
summer weather. The weather was just a background, but the content was very fertile
and extremely interesting. Our great thanks for this to the organisators of the camp
Evelin and Kaspar Apinis, Ailite Kuka.

Having rest always turns out well, when it is a fertile and interesting event. This
year it was full of such events. Very interesting and informative lectures matched
with active games, art working and funny quizzes. There was plenty of work for the
physiotherapists, who organized the individual procedures during the camp time.

As always there was much music, and songs by the performance of Raily from
Norway. But the concert of the chorus “Rīgas Gospe” was so marvelous. They
came to visit us. And even after the end of the concert…the songs of our guests
and participants of the camp were heard for a long of time. The atmosphere was so
friendly and warm.

The day spent at the horse-sport depot “R&R SPORTA ZIRGI” we will remember for
a long of time. The communication with the animals always is pleasant event, but the
communication with horses it is the best pleasure. Some of us had tried horse riding
themselves. The coach Rufina Jurasha watched the riders carefully and people could
forget about their wheelchairs.

And of course the biggest treasure of the camp was the communication of friends in
informal atmosphere, surrounded by the beautiful nature and fresh air, these songs and
poems at the bonfire, and this confidence, that you are surrounded by friends.