„Work honors its doer”



On November 11 fund owned byBoriss and InaraTeterev in event „Work honors its doer” awarded the best volunteer workers in Latvia – leaders of associations and foundations from all over Latvia.

Our fund is supporting those people and organizations, who and which are doing all to make better their life and life’s oftheir peers. Already third year we are honoring volunteer work and we believe that by highlighting those people in society commonly we are encouraging other members of society to involve in voluntarily work. We are proud that volunteer workers in foundations and associations in whole country with their work are making Latvia better – such as we all together want it to see!” BorissTeterev


„Daily work done in all regions in Latvia by 150 organizations supported by fund and 6300 volunteer workers in those organizations truly is work of heart. All together those people donated 617 000 work hours. This amount by one volunteer could be done in 325 years and to pay for this work would be needed at least 1,9 million lats. This year fund awarded specially those leaders of foundations and association, who are not only centers of small organizations, but frequently with their work are giving example and inspiration to others,” emphasizedMareksIndriksons, director of the fund of Inara and BorissTeterev.

In the event „Work honors its doer” Boriss and Inara Teterev awarded leaders of associations and foundations:

·         President of association of disabled women of Latvia Ilze Laine, president of department in Olaine Leontine Berzina and leader of group of weavers in department in Olaine Dace Urbanovica;

·         President of „Youth of Kalsnava” Linda Udra – Rizga;

·         President of association of pensioners in Talsi Antons Kivlenieks;

·         President of association of people with  special need „Motus Vita” Valerijs Rakovs;

·         President of union of businesslike women  Irina Petersone;

·         President of foundation „Fund of animal friends” Solvita Viba;

·         President of association of pensioners in Saldus Franciska Slucka;

·         President of club of mothers in Rezekne Olga Strode;

·         President of association „Samaritan of Aizpute” EdvisSkuja;

·         President of international association of children and youth „Eventus”  Tatjana Stepanova;

·         Former president of association „Singing antiquity” Ausma Dzintare and keeper of history of ensemble Anastasija Lukina;

„Work honors its doer” brought together more than 550 volunteers from all regions of Latvia, who are donating their time to mothers, countryside seniors, animal defense, culture and development of local communities and other kind of organizations. For honoring the volunteers choir of youth „Kamer” played cycle to mixed choir „Song of the moon” leaded by conductor Janis Lapins.

Fund of Inara and BorissTeterev is founded in 2010 with the aim to promote the development of culture, art and education in Latvia and outside of it. In 2010 InaraTeterev received award of the year from union of businesslike women’s in nomination „The most generous patroness”, but at the end of 2011 Maecenas Inara and BorissTeterev received award of Ciceron for investment in reconstruction of the castle of Rundale and support to education. In 2012 with support of the fund approximately 120 000 inhabitants of Latvia received support. Today, November 18, in ceremonious session of council of Riga Boriss and InaraTeterev were praised as „Inhabitants of Riga of the year 2012” for implementing the tradition of charity and patronizing of culture in Riga.