How to practically impact policy of disability



Delegation from MOTUS VITA participated in high level conference about disability questions, which was held in October 18 in Riga, in house of European Union. There participated both responsible officials and leaders of organizations of people with disabilities from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and president of Forum of Europa for people with disabilities Janis Vardakastanis. 


Aim of this conference was to explore how roof organizations in all three Baltic counties are involved in realization of ANO Convention, what is capacity and ability to do given exercises of those organization, what is support from government to those organizations.

Besides of it in conference we looked at the now very important question about new EU Structural fund period (2014 – 2020), planning of its use in country. How it was stated several times by European Forum for disabled people– at least 20% should be used for social inclusion, among them paying big attention to other questions related to people with disabilities – like employment, deinstitucionalization, support services etc. In conference it was planned to analyze how it is planned to resolve those questions in all Baltic countries.

Presentations from conference you can find here: