An art exhibition MOTUS VITA in s/c Galleria Riga.



In the shopping centre „Galleria Riga” (Dzirnavu street  67) from  15.10.  -  01.11.2012  was held an exhibition of works made by  disabled people, in the framework of the Art- therapy program. This year the project was co-financed by the Department of education, culture and sport of the Riga City Council (project manager – Ilze Grintale )

 Artwork made by disabled people – it is a result of a creative process that causes joy of creation. Аn exhibition  –  it is an opportunity  to share this joy.


Te deputy of Riga City Council Irina Vinnik speaking at the opening, noticed:

- I would advice to everyone, who is prone to depression, to come and see this exhibition. You will definitely get well and for a very long time your mind will be not aware of problems!   Seeing how people caught in the grip of life were able to overcome compelling circumstances and master complicated crafts, you will definitely look at yourselves, standing firmly on both feet, completely different...

We consider that the exhibition was a success, but the program Art- therapy is not going to end. On the contrary, the exhibition gave a new impulse to the development of Art- therapy program for disabled people.  Some more people showed their interest to participate in the program and to learn the secrets of artistry. Many of us have found new friends. In our program participated also professional artists Dags Vidulejs and Liga Zile, and also professional physicians offered their help in the further implementation of the program.

We see it as our achievement, that now we have a  permanent exposition in the art gallery Happy Art Museum,  that is situated  in the shopping centre  Galleria Riga (Dzirnavu street 67, in Riga). We would like to express our gratitude to Dags Vidulejs.

But the most important is the result – the participants of the program received a lot of positive emotions, they were happy to communicate and they felt involved in the life of society.