VII conference of Northern ALS/MND Alliance "Baltic bridge"



The society of people with disabilities MOTUS VITA had organized VII conference of Northern ALS/MND Alliance "Baltic bridge".

The conference was held in the State Agency «The centre of social integration» in Jurmala, from 12 - 14 August 2011.


The tasks of the conference:

1.      Exchange of positive experience in problem solving for people with        ALS/MND diseases between the participant countries.

2. Evaluation of the situation in the sphere of diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation of ALS/MND diseases. Based on the international experience, develop a system, that will allow diagnose the disease at an early stage and assess the patient’s condition, to find the most appropriate solutions.

3. To develop a range of practical services, intended for Latvian experts and ALS/MND patients and  give recommendations, that will help to achieve the maximum independence of patients.

At the conference were discussed issues, that are vitally important for people with ALS/MND diseases, namely: how to plan one’s life after the diagnosis, how to prolong the active period, what specialty to choose to lead an active life, how to prepare one’s home for the inevitable deterioration of one’s health, which technical aids exist and how to use them in practice, what needs to learn a patient and his family, in order to meet prepared the inevitable deterioration of one’s health.


As the result of the collective analysis and discussions a summary table was made for ALS/MND diseases for the participant countries and a sketch was outlined for the development programme in Latvia.

At the conference participated 82 participants (patients, assistants, medical and social workers, representatives of state and municipal authorities).

The participants of the conference:

- International Alliance of ALS/MND Associations,

- MND Association of Iceland,

- Muskelsvindfonden,

- Estonian Association of Muscular Disorders,

- Russian Chariti ALS Foundation,

- The Latvian Umbrella Body for Disability Organisations SUSTENTO,

- Association of people with special needs MOTUS VITA,

- The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Latvia,

- Riga City Council Welfare department,

- VSIA " Pauls Stradins Clinical University Hospital " specialists,

- State Agency „Social integration centre”