The collaboration agreement with the society "Time Bank" is signed.


"Time bank" or the society "" is a volunteers organisation and the system of mutual help, that works to help members of the organisation and just people, who needs the help very much, also to support all possible steps to make Latvian society happier. Now the resources of the bank are also acceptable for the members of Motus Vita Ltd. 
"Time bank" works on the barter terms: offering the services or goods you can get the services or goods. The number of "Time bank" volunteers is huge, there is a great range of services-specialists: hairdressers and cosmetologist, IT-specialist, lawyers and so on. Offering services "Time bank" volunteers don't get money but hours, that are registered on the site. Those earned hours participants can spend on services or goods that he needs. 

The most important moment is that there are some participants that offers very simple services such as bring to a doctor, go to a shop, clean the house, iron the clothes, babysit kids, walk with dogs and so on. 
It is very easy to become a member of "Time Bank": you have to register on the site or just call to a operator by phone. All these services are acceptable for Motus Vita members: both patients and volunteers.