Exhibition in Riga Congress House

4 of May at Riga Congress House passed a one-day exhibition of Art-therapy project participants works . There were exhibited works of the most active participant Ailita Kuka and her assistant volunteer Helena Indane, Valerija Alexandrova and others.
The bright colors paintings delighted visitors, giving a spring mood, beautiful scenery sent on a trip to fabulous places of the imagination of artists and the images of paintings of horses looked like alive.
Everybody was happy at the show - artists, volunteers, organizers and visitors. The exhibition has completed the walk in a sunny park, enjoying the spring and the blossoming nature.
Art therapy - rehabilitation technology based on the use of means of art. Art therapy is not the only treatment in the literal sense of the word,it also is the a joy of creation, communication. The joy that gives strength to live and act for those who has problems with health.
The project company «MOTUS VITA» organized art therapy classes, based on the involvement of people with movement disabilities to the art of manual labor.
Each participant got an individual attention, based on his actual physical condition.