Boris Batyrev


Our society has a new, very interesting person, inventor Boris Batyrev. Boris has developed technology and an arrangement for data input in computers. Boris knows that with which problems visually impaired people collide with an external world and consequently has decided to develop convenient system for data input in a computer. Its novelty consists both in a way of the information input and in it arrangement. The innovation will help to facilitate life for people with weak vision and also to a people with restriction in movement.

Testing has shown that it is not so hard to learn how to use such "keyboard" at all as it was seen from first sight. Even people with hard restrictions in movement lear how to use this device in four hours, leading up movements up to automatism. For comparison: to learn how to work on the usual keyboard as a blind method, you need two months of intensive trainings, but not all persons have success with this method. If we are talking about the input speed, it is precisely the same, as from the usual keyboard.

Boris's invention was recognized, it became the winner of competition in Ideju kauss 2009 and „Atspēriens".