Summer Camp "Challenge 6" , 2013 . "Wings for Wheels".


In July, a lot of people were able to relax in a summer camp in Raiskums . It was a week spent at the camp with great summer weather. But the weather was only a background , and the events were very rich and extremely interesting. Thank you so much to the organizers of the camp Eveline and Kaspars Apinis and Ailite Kuka for this possibility.

Holidays are successful when they are full of interesting events like this year. Interesting and informative lectures were combined with the mobile games, visual arts classes and fun quizzes. There were held a variety of sports, as well as orientation on the place Raiskums. There was a concert of Valdis Dvorovs in the conclusion. There were relaxing evening as well, where camp participants could enjoy a movie or a virtual trip to Norway.

There was plenty of work for physiotherapists during the camp time, who offered individual sessions.