New home for Motus Vita society


Social solidarity and co -generation - with the keynote on the 17th of September, 2013 it was opened a multi- functional day center «Generations» in Riga, street Unijas 49.

The center «Generations» became a home for all MOTUS VITA society members.

"The demand for such good things is growing," - said the chairman of the Riga City Council Nil Ushakov . "And this is a real good deal. The main thing is that the soul is involved , and I wish that the soul resides here forever. "

In the day center there is a space for recreational gymnastics classes with a variety of equipment under the supervision of a physiotherapist, a computer room, sewing room, a classroom, a library, a chapel, a play area, restrooms and place for holidays. You can also consult a psychologist and a social worker.

The first art therapy class was already hold on the opening day.