Day of Beauty


On December 18, 2013 in Riga in the beauty saloon ESTRA Daiļuma studija was held a charity event where 10 women from the society of people with disabilities Motus Vita were transformed by the team of professional hairdressers , stylists, makeup artists , manicurists . The whole process of the New Year's magic transformation was shot by professional photographers . Throughout the event was offered a buffet where every guest and participant could treat yourself , have a cup of coffee or tea. At the end , each participant received a lot of gifts and a bouquet of roses. All the ladies were happy with the result .

And all masters were happy that they were able to give New Year's miracle to 10 women with disabilities.

We would like to tell thank you to:

  1. Saloon ESTRA Daiļuma studija and personally  the owner Eva Strautmale and all saloon masters
  2. Company Matrix –Professional hair care and cosmetics
  3. Company beautiful flowers
  4. Professional photographer Boris Caplan
  5. Editor Kontinents –books for women
  6. Company AVON
  7. Company Pūre
  8. Company Neways and independent distributer Larisa Brehova
  9. Svetlana Andreeve and Radmila orlova –buffet
  10. Information portal Mixnews
  11. – portal about beauty and health
  12. hand made cards Elena Polishkina
  13. Professional photographer Elina Yevgrashkina