So many questions are waiting to be answered


Why so many people are depressed? What is forgiveness? How to win indifference? How to determine in life? What happens in the human soul? Why do people become hostile and aggressive?

Answers to these questions, without any doubts, each of us is looking for during lifetime. Sometimes it is very difficult to find these answers and it is only possible in real life and only communicating with other people.

On January 21  MOTUS VITA members  met missionaries of international Christian Movement Youth With A Mission (YWAM)

People from different countries (USA, Canada, Norway, and Latvia) shared their experiences and discussed issues of concern to all people, regardless of color or nationality.

During this meeting, a very  interesting lecture about YWAM school in Hawaii was listened and everybody had a tea party, lots of talks in a friendly and warm atmosphere.

Many thanks to everyone for participating!