This year MOTUS VITA association celebrates its 5th anniversary. MOTUS VITA members have done a lot during the last years in order to improve their life, to fulfill it with joy, creativity, and mutual help. We did organize exciting excursions, installed computers at our members’ homes and taught them computer skills, went together to concerts and other culture events, ensured association’s members with up-to-date technical aids (electric wheelchairs, lifters, multifunctional beds etc.). We introduced an art-therapy program, organized various fairs of art objects, and did many, many other things. But the main achievement remains the fact that many of our members have realized that in spite of a severe, incurable illness they can still make their life joyful, interesting, and socially useful.

So on the 5th September, 2014, MOTUS VITA’s 5-years existence culminated in an anniversary concert and a charity auction organized by ALEGRIA EVENT CENTER represented by Viktoria Korneeva and OMNI SPACE Coworking Centre represented by Alekss Dobrovolsky. Amazing artists participated in the concert:

Alekss Silvers & Liera Stein, Tatjana Lukasenkova, Kamilla Klavina, Nataly Tumsevica, Svetlana Trofimova, Kristiana Just, Alina Feldman, Elina Ivaglo, Tina Notte, Boris Levi, Janin Studio, Jekaterina Korneyeva, Diana & Anna Judelson, Valerij Komisarenko, Anzela Serkevica (Twins Peek), Jelizaveta Stolc and Ilja Stolc, Stella Tumanovska and Samanta Kabakova.

A charity auction was organized during the concert. The auction lots were kindly granted by popular Latvian personalities: Agnese Zeltina, Andrejs Mamikins, Anna Cine, Alla Dzevaltovska, Alex von Hann-Holostoff, Jevgenija Safranek, Jelena Tonova, Jelena Ushakova, Jana Mille, Elena Kuzmishkina, Ieva Adams, Ilona Pulkstene and many others.

The event took place in a very warm and cordial atmosphere. It was pleasant to see the eyes of the participants glowing with joy. The event had lasted for thee hours and it was clear that nobody yet wanted to leave. The leading actress of the Mikhail Chekhov Riga Russian theatre Tatjana Lukasenko, whose appearance closed the concert program, was recalled several times.

Here are some comments of the event participants.

Ilona Pulkstene, a renowned Latvian photographer: “The concert was spectacular! I’m afraid not to find the right words to describe the people, the atmosphere, the feelings I experienced! When helping others, much more we do help ourselves. And you did help me so much!”

All the MOTUS VITA members are grateful to our volunteers, open and good-hearted people: Valerija Kozlova, Jekaterina Tuckova, Santa Dzene, Katerina Verbilo, Tatjana Lukina, Jekaterina Deksne, Helena Vinogradova, Viktorija Korneeva, Vadim Malesko.

We are so thankful to the organizations helping us on our way: Boris and Inara Teterevs’ Foundation, the International Alliance of ALS/MND Associations, the Social Issues Committee of the Riga City Council, Berlin-Chemie/Menarini Baltic Ltd., Education, Culture and Sports Department of the Riga City Council, JSC Olainfarm, Sanofi-aventis Latvia Ltd., Department of Welfare of the Riga City Council.