Trip to Sigulda


Gone is the hot summer, passes also the last autumn days, nature prepares to the winter world, and this is the best time, when to visit Sigulda. Yes, Sigulda in Autumn-it is something uniquely beautiful!

Sigulda is one from the Latvia most beautiful and interesting cities. In fact , for a city in her generally accepted sign of Sigulda it is difficult to name . Picturesque, medieval castles, modern sports facilities, monuments, parks is all together forms an unique, unique ensemble. Gauja valley with cultural and historical monuments attracts like a magnet: it seems, how many times here already visited, all as seen and known, but ... each time, arriving in Sigulda, are making new discoveries and experiences. This time our group was led by confident MBA,

Assistant Professor of ISMA Inara Utināne - Suharevska. It was so interesting and exciting! Thanks, Inara!

We agreed that Inara and her students led by the tourism department involved in route design and conduct of the next tour in 2011.