Motus Vita Art Exhibition


On December 12, 2014, an art exhibition by the social action organization of people with reduced capabilities MOTUS VITA was inaugurated on the upper floor of Galleria Riga. MOTUS VITA, celebrating its 5th anniversary, presented as well the 10th exhibition of art objects created by its members in the frame of the Art Therapy project financed by the Boris and Inara Teterevs’ Foundation. The members of MOTUS VITA were eager to share with other people the joy of living which overcrowded their hearts when creating art objects. They proved to their friends and families, and first of all to themselves that despite of health problems one may and even must see all those good and beautiful things all around. This philosophy allows the members of MOTUS VITA to enjoy active and interesting live, since it is well-known that the art helps to express oneself, to come out and to know better oneself and the world. Creative mood empowers one to overcome difficulties and obstacles. However, there is one more absolute advantage of art – it heals the soul, favorably influencing the physical body as well. And the participants of the Art Therapy program have proved again this statement to be true.

The mentioned exhibition marked the termination of one Art Therapy program stage and the beginning of another one. There is no doubt that the program will continue since more and more physically challenged persons express their intention to get involved in Art Therapy. But those already participating have more and more new ideas and are keen to bring them to life. It is nice to see that more professional artists are ready to contribute to the program: Karine Paronjanca, Anitra Berzina, new-coming volunteer psychologists and just generous people. In such a manner, the Art Therapy program, besides the generally acknowledged therapeutic benefits, became an example of a real integration of disabled people into social life.