Our first Bibliotherapy meeting


We would like to share the happiness!

Our first Bibliotherapy meeting happened on the 28th of February 2015. gada

We prepared our meeting very carefully, we did our best so every member of Motus Vita society liked  the meetings and looked forward to the next one.

Everything was important: the athmosphere, content and saturation of the event.

Thanks to happy Art Museum the issue with the place was decided easily. There is nothing better that the art galllery full of art.

Our new member Sofja Stoljarova participated actively in the organising.

The event consisted of 2 parts:

The first one was a liric standup of Riga poet Vadim Avva. Vadim read the extracts of his monoshow „Not a word about love”, shared his thoughts and feelings with the listeners.

It was impossible to remain indifferent to the atmosphere saturated with passion, love, suffering, hope and faith! Emotions followed one another on the faces of the audience ... tears of joy ... ... empathy ... and hope!

After the speech, listeners had the opportunity to chat with the author, ask questions and just thank.

The second part was a Bibliotherapeutic workshop helping to know each other better.  Adults like the same young children, happily responded to the call to play the game.

Finally, one of the members of society Motus Vita Nadezhda read her own poem about loving yourself, your neighbor, God.

Since our first meeting took place ... and it was the beginning of a long and interesting path called Bibliotherapy for people with special needs!

We would like to thank:

Happy Art Museum in the face of Dags Vidulejs and Gaļina Maksimova

Poet Vadim Avva

Sophia Stoliarova