Fairytales therapy


This time the issue about location was even sharper: it was necessary to find not just a building, it was necessary to  get a "fabulous" place, filled with history.

And there was such a place. We had a courtesy room at Klostera str 5, where now the center "Svētās Ģimenes Māja" is conveniently located with its hostess Inese Švekle. In ancient times, the 13th century this building was a convent. And inside the building, after reconstruction, we can see the original stone walls of the 13th century which in those days were the end of Riga and this cobbled street of the time as well.

The room was so spectacular that magical mood started from the first minute. Those who hasn’t seen each other for a long time fell into unrestrained communication over a cup of tea, and even sang songs.

Nadezhdah, a member of society Motus Vita,  with enthusiasm and joy recited her poems.

What a surprise it was when it was revealed that in Latvia lives a real storyteller Anna Kashina , a psychologist and mother of 3 children.

Anna gladly responded to our proposal to organize meeting of Fairytales Therapy. She does’t even write taleis herself, but she also teaches people how, through this magic tool, change your life for the better.

All guests members Motus Vita- with childlike joy and activity participated in the writing of fairy tales. And even got homework, write a fairy tale story.

In the end  Anna read a story about a store of happiness. Goosebumps ran about the body , it was  a pleasant end of the meeting.

It was a pleasure to see that there are new faces at our meetings, and this means we are doing something useful for the people!


Many thanks to:

Center "Svētās Ģimenes Māja" and personally Inese Švekle

Anna Kashina