Creative Showcase


A charity Christmas concert took place in Riga International Bible Institute in 30th of November, 2010, and the income of it was devoted to the Ezere Children's Centre. The Concert was great! Latvia National Opera soloist Vladimirs Pugacovs, artist Dace Kasa and their friends - pantomime artists and clowns demonstrated their talents, and they liked very much to all of the concert attendants, not the little ones only.

None of the attendants of the Concert left indifferent to the simple-hearted and easy understandable sermon of Dr Vitalijs Petrenko, the director of the Riga International Institute.

In its turn, an exhibition of MOTUS VITA member's creative works was opened in the foyer of the Concert hall. Valerija Alexandrova and Lilija Dudinova gave over to the attendant's appreciation their works - painted glass and silk; Edmunds Garkajs demonstrated a miniature sculpture and an aquarelle, and Diana Tretjakova pleased us with her original works - pearl embroidery and bijouterie.

After the Concert, the public moved to foyer where they had to make not an easy choice between the feast table and the exposition of our works. Nevertheless, the confusion did not last for long, because there was enough of both spiritual and physical food for all.

This is the first time when we demonstrate our works to a large public. We hope very much that the future exhibitions would be even more extensive and varied in the sense of the style of the works and of the number of works given over to the appreciation of audience.