Festive evening in the Baltic Beach Hotel


On the 23 rd of August , 2015, there was a great dinner in the elegant hall of the Baltic Beach Hotel in Jurmala.  Motus Vita members and guests visited the dinner. There were some reasons to gather. The sixth anniversary of the founding of MOTUS VITA, and recent  successfully held the 11th annual ALS / MND Nordic conference, The dinner was organized by us just to enjoy socializing with each other in a warm summer evening on the shore of the Gulf of Riga at the setting sun.

There was a delightful music performance provided by talented artists throughout the whole evening. The noise of the sea, the smell of summer rain, the sound of the crying soul, a whisper of the setting sun, all this time after time, sincere and shrill splashes out into the hall through a miracle saxophone Sergey Boitzov. A stunning duet Alekss Silvērs & Liera Štein just conquered us with his soulful performance. It is a miracle  to live surrounded by such music. And Tamara Tsaurkubule made  jazz lovers hearts flutter with delight. And judging by the admiring glances, the hall was full of jazz fans . All this riot of music calmly and confidently was ruled by Pavel Bodrov.

And this entire wonderful concert was organized and emotionally ruled by our long-standing and cordial friend, Elena Tonova. We are grateful to Elena and the entire creative team for the perfect gift!