Excursion to Pure Chocolate


“To everyone who celebrates life the „Chocolate Museum“ will undoubtedly give some joy of living through chocolate, for it is one of the classic delights” – that is like the slogan of the Pure Chocolate Museum sounds.

We, members of MOTUS VITA and International Nordic ALS/ MNS conference participants, are exactly the persons to whom the slogan speaks since we know how to enjoy life.

So, on August 23rd, 2015, with an impressive vehicle caravan we arrived to Pure in Tukums district, Latvia. That is where Pure Chocolate factory with the Chocolate Museum is located.

The tour started with a video about chocolate, its varieties, its manufacturing process from cacao beans, as well as the way of growing and processing cacao beans. For many participants some facts about their favorite sweets became a true revelation.

After viewing the video we had a possibility to receive answers to our numerous questions from the Museum guide and to prepare ourselves pralines with filling. The master class gave us so much joy, but when it was time to taste our handmade pralines, emotions ran high! What a pleasure to see smiling people with luminous eyes!

In the end of the excursion we had an extemporaneous picnic between the ancient pines under the blue summer sky, since even the weather was kindly disposed to us that day!