Poetry of music


The next meeting in the framework of the project "Bibliotherapy" was held in October 3rd.

This meeting was devoted to poetry set to music-a song.

We wanted to understand how the poem is born, how the music is born and how it connects to the song.

The honorable guest of this meeting was a young, but very talented and gifted girl Anna Judelson. Anna not only has a great voice and is a winner of a lot of competitions, but she is the author and performer of her own songs.

Anna shared with guests her feelings about how her songs are born and what is precondition for this.

I must say that Anna came to the meeting with her grandparents, who are fans of her talent from a very young age.

Anna’s Granny shared her memories of a little girl Anna early childhood, when she began to write poetry and compose music.

We once again want to thank Anna Judelson for her responsiveness and brought joy!

The second part of the meeting was a kind of experiment. The purpose of this experiment was to see whether each person can write poetry, write music and thus create a song.

All the guests were involved in the process. Setting consisted of the fact that each turn suggests rhyme to the previous sentence. Then together we came up with a melody and put poetry in it.

Thus the collective creative process gave their results: born the song!

All participants were satisfied! All together, they sang songs and offered to hold several sessions dedicated to the song.

We express our gratitude to the Happy Art Museum for their assistance in organizing this meeting!