Contemporary Art Exhibition. Arts Programme TÊTE-À-TÊTE 2015


On October 11th, 2015, members of the organization of people with reduced capabilities MOTUS VITA had an opportunity to visit the Art Museum RIGA BOURSE. In the frame of Boris and Ināra Teterev’s Arts Programme TÊTE-À-TÊTE 2015 the museum offers an art exhibition “With Seven-League Boots. First Station – Denmark”. The exhibition offers to see the collection of the Art Museum in Tønder, Denmark.

On the continuing journey towards a Latvian Museum of Contemporary Art, this is the first exhibition with which the Boris and Ināra Teterev Foundation in collaboration with the Latvian National Museum of Art is providing an opportunity to view examples from the finest collections of contemporary art in the Baltic Sea region.

The Art Museum in Tønder (Kunstmuseet i Tønder), in South Jutland, Denmark, near the German border won the title of Denmark’s Museum of the Year in 2010. Its collection of contemporary art focuses on trends in 20th and 21st century Northern European art, with a particular emphasis on Danish artists.

Masterpieces from the museum, which has Prince Joachim of Denmark as its patron, by such world famous artists as Per Kirkeby (Denmark), Georg Baselitz (Germany), Ian McKeever (Great Britain), Troels Wörsel (Denmark), Kain Tapper (Finland) and Ola Bilgren (Sweden) and others can be viewed in the collection in Riga. Painting, objects, installations and photography are the form s of art represented in the exhibition, featuring contemporary art’s primary thesis – which is, in the words of Sol Le Witt, that: “Ideas alone can be works of art”.

We are grateful to the Boris and Ināra Teterev’s Foundation for this unique possibility to know more about the world of contemporary art.