What is Theater Like?


We all love theater like spectators. But how does really come true the magic of theater performance? Who are those magicians which create theater? How do they do it?

On March 12th, 2016, an initiation to the world of theater was organised in the premises of the Happy Art Museum. The journey turned out very interesting and funny thanks to Aba Gercbah, stage director and art director at the AbaŽur Theater, and Boriss Levi, composer and theater producer.

We have learnt a lot of new and interesting facts. We have even tried ourselves as actors, becoming suddenly participants of an improvised orchestra directed by Aba Gercbah. Much to everyone’s delight we have even performed a piece of music!

It came out that many methods applied when training actors can be also useful for people with special needs since those methods help to develop one’s inner abilities.

We are waiting with impatience for further possibilities to enjoy the exciting theatre atmosphere.