The World of Theater


On April 23rd, 2016, Svetlana Kenecius, playwright and director at the Creative Free Actors’ Union, Art Director at the Creative Union “Atmosphere” hold the next meeting with the theatre admirers from the MOTUS VITA organization. 

Theater is a synthetic art. With every meeting we understand better how many qualities we must develop in ourselves in order to feel confident in life.

We simulated our usual everyday acts like drinking tea, styling our own hair, knitting or even having a barbecue without any single object in our hands, just from memory. It was quite complicated, but amazingly interesting. We tried to feel ourselves like children. We played. Because children are perfect actors, since they believe unconditionally in their virtual universe.

We thank Svetlana Kenecius for that really captivating meeting, Svētās Ģimenes Māja for the cooperation and Jeļena Aļoškina for her wonderful photos!