Series of master-classes in public speaking by Jurijs Kushpelo


From May 30th to June 3rd, the non-governmental organization MOTUS VITA organized in the premises of Svētās Ģimenes Māja a course of lectures in public speaking held by Jurijs Kušpelo, professional actor and TV news presenter at the First Baltic TV Channel.

Every participant of the master-class was captivated by Jurijs from the very first minute of the meeting. It is not surprising, since Jurijs is incredibly charismatic and charming person.


In the frame of the theatre art program by MOTUS VITA it became possible to learn how to pronounce sounds correctly, to put right emphasis in words, what is text compilation psychology and much, much more. During the Jurijs was able to find out weaknesses of every speaker’s weak points and to offer solution immediately. The main task was to teach participants to be more convincing and confident when speaking in public.


After the lecture every participant got his or her personal home task and the understanding of methods which shall be used to make oneself to be heard.