On the Way to Health Through Art


“I don’t believe!” – this phrase of the famous Russian theatre director, theorist and teacher Stanislavski is known to every theatre lover. But how is it possible to make not only Stanislavski, but also surrounding people to believe you? What do we need for this? What is disturbing us? This is exactly the “secrets” that we try to reveal at acting classes together with theatre teacher Tatjana Čerkovska and stage director Andrejs Garkavi (STADIA Art Platform).

Such kind of classes help participants first of all to understand themselves, to find out what are those mental blocks and inner stresses which turn it difficult to express ourselves, to be heard and understood. Certainly, when working on ourselves we eliminate those inner obstacles not allowing to live a full-fledged life. As experience has shown, the result is surprisingly positive -  participants of our acting classes become more confident in themselves, their strengths and abilities. And this a huge step towards wellness.