Knowing oneself is the fundamental condition for self-management and wellness. Only by knowing yourself it is possible to discover your abilities, possibilities, and resources, as well as to define and to neutralize psychological blocks and suppressions. Acting classes is a perfect tool to discover your true self. By interacting with teammates during the classes, every participant at the same time starts to understand him or herself deeper as an explorer, as a creator. Alternatively, the deeper is one’s awareness and discovering of him or herself, the easier and more efficient is the cooperation with other people. And this is what boosts one’s psycho-emotional state, prevents anxiety, thereby improving the quality of life and helping to adopt a proactive and creative approach to life.

We thank our theatre teacher Tatjana Čerkovska and producer Andrejs Garkavi for their fascinating, efficient, and very human way of teaching. At the same time Tatjana and Andrejs both acknowledge themselves to learn a lot within the frame of our masterclasses.