Technical aids

Technical aids

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Modern technologies allow to minimize the consequences of  movements disorders   of people with neuromuscular diseases  by providing the necessary technical aids. Such support for people with disabilities gives a state, but in Latvia, due to the large waiting period and an extremely narrow range, a lot of patients are unable to get  the necessary funds right now. This negatively affects the patient’s health and quality of life.

The budget of most families in Latvia, where there is a patient with ALS or other neuromuscular group disease does not allow to buy the  necessary aids  to the patient, as they are quite expensive. It is necessary to co-finance, which can be provided through donations, that organizes and controls the organization of people with special needs MOTUS VITA.

On doctor’s orders, ergotherapist selects the necessary technical aid to the patient. The Society of People with Disabilities MOTUS VITA , has seven years of such activities experience and finds  the  necessary means from  its European partners and delivers it to the patient.

Your help makes  life easier for many people!

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