International Forum of Inclusive Practices


September of 2021, Riga, Latvia

The Goal of the Festival:
To develop an inclusive creative platform where persons with special physical or
mental needs could discover their personal potential. To promote inclusive
methods as a mean of rehabilitation for persons with special physical or mental
needs in order to encourage their integration into the society.

The Idea of the Festival:
Every one of us wants to realise his or her potential and to fulfill his or her dream.
For a person with disability, and their number in Europe today achieves 10% of
the population, it is not so easy to do – because of the lack of successful practices
and methods.
Inclusion Festival shall become the platform to present and to discuss the
following issues:
– successful, implemented inclusion examples as the basis for their further
– future-oriented inclusion programs and ideas;
– search for partners and resources for implementation of inclusion
The Festival shall become a research laboratory to find means and methods of
developing skills and abilities of every person, to our common joy and for the
benefit of the society.

The Topics of the Festival
1. Inclusive education.
2. Inclusive creative activities:
– visual art;
– inclusive theatre;
– literature;
– inclusive vocal art.
3. Sports and inclusion.

Organisation of people with special needs MOTUS VITA