MOTUS VITA Event in the Frame of the ART RIGA FAIR 2016 Festival

On November 26th, 2016, in the frame of the International Arts Festival ART RIGA FAIR 2016, and thanks to the support of the Boris and Ināra Teterev’s Charitable Foundation, the association of persons with special needs MOTUS VITA organized an event for its members and friends.

It is often that the patients with serious diseases feel not needed, not solicited or interesting to anyone. The patients who try to overcome those feelings by defining particular goals beyond their disease, do quite often stop or freeze the development of the disease, and live an interesting, busy and a quite long life.

And the life itself proves that creativity and art are the most useful activities in this regard.

“To your health!” – we say raising not a glass of wine, but a pencil or a paintbrush and dive into a dizzying wave of creativity.

This is the reason why art therapy programs are in demand amongst the persons with special needs. Art gives the point to our lives and brings us joy and satisfaction.