Training for Well-being and Motivation

It is a well-known fact that physical health is closely related to our inner condition. To manage emotions is also much easier if you understand yourself, your abilities and possibilities, as well as your complexes and psychological barriers. The more we learn to know ourselves, the higher is our self-confidence. And this ground helps to a great extent to get surrounded by an interesting social network and to realize our potential in the chosen field!

This is not for the first time that MOTUS VITA members meet at the trainings helping to get rid of inner stress and awake our abilities. The special method in the frame of the program “Open Theatre” has been developed by Tatjana Čerkovska, actress, theatre teacher, director of the STADIA Art Platform, and Andrejs Garkavi, actor, stage director, art-director of the STADIA Art Platform.

Theatre art classes provide un uplifting experience. One may agree that this is an excellent base for a positive world’s perception so required by persons with special needs.