Inclusive Sailing Regatta in Riga

On June 1-2, 2018, at Riga Sport Sailing Center the 15th stage of the international humanitarian mission “The Sails of the Spirit” took place. On the first day MOTUS VITA participants met team members, professional yachtsmen, had safety education and training, performed a trial sail in. And the regatta itself with the participation of three yachts was scheduled for the 2nd of June. Persons with disability became full valid team members and followed the instructions of the yacht captains. Involvement into the common activity made everyone happy! For all the participants with disability this was the first sailing experience in life.

MOTUS VITA participants were extremely impressed by conversations with the head of the humanitarian mission “The Sails of the Spirit” Oleg Kolpashchikov. We were speaking about life, possibilities of persons with disability, and their role in the society.

The regatta was concluded by a dinner and a master class named “Art of the Blind” by the artist from Yekaterinburg Boris Khokhnov took place. The essence of such the artistic synergy is when a blind person works together with a seeing artist to create a painting according the principle of least action – eliminate the unnecessary.

This wonderful day culminated with an inclusive concert with the participation of both professional performers and persons with disability.