Where to Find Health?

On August 24th, 2018, a seminar “Where to Find Health?” was held in the premises of the Association “Svētās Ģimenes māja”.

What are the factors influencing the state of our health – feelings, emotions, food, physical activities? How to find your own balance? The answers to these and other questions where given by Valerijs Rakovs, Chairman of the Association for persons with special needs MOTUS VITA.

A rare, incurable disease has been diagnosed to Valerijs 17 years ago. Doctors said: “Medicine cannot help, your state will worsen further. Take care of yourself.”

“This conclusion became a pivotal moment in my life. I suddenly realized that my health would further depend only on myself. As a result, I did not only manage to keep good health, but even more, my state became much better than before the diagnosis,” Valerijs says. A long-time experience of knowing himself, observations of other people, including those suffering from severe, incurable diseases, helped Valērijs to develop his own health-care concept. It is based on simple, accessible, and understandable principles. The effectiveness of the concept has been proved by the life itself.