Photo Exhibition

On May 17, 2019, a photo exhibition dedicated to the women with special needs from the social organisation MOTUS VITA was opened in Riga Stradins University. The exhibition was organized by its author, photo artist Jeļena Aļoškina in cooperation with the nonprofit associations supporting people with disability MOTUS VITA and SUSTENTO.

The purpose of the exhibition was to show the life of disabled people in its entire variety, to arouse in the souls of the audience such feelings like mercy, love towards the next ones, tolerance, and generosity.

The photographs tell us how important is to broaden one’s horizons, to put aside stereotypes, and to understand that a disabled woman can be successful, beautiful, and enjoy life to the full.

In the frame of the photo exhibition the models from the photographs met RSU students and discussed under the guidance of the University Dean Signe Tomsone such issues like fairness, tolerance, mutual help, interaction of the person and the society – issues that are always topical in a civilized, spiritual society.

We thank our team which made this project to become possible: photo artist Jeļena Aļoškina, hair and makeup artist Jūlija Vasiļjeva, makeup artist Jūlija Ostrovska, costume artists Natālija Fiļipova, Svetlana Ohramenko, and Nadežda Ignatāne, exhibition coordinator Diāna Krasta.