Drama Therapy

It is autumn and it is raining outside, but the atmosphere in the premises of the Svētās Ģimenes Mājas is full of joy and creativity. It is just another theatre studio masterclass given by our highly appreciated teachers – Tatjana Čerkovska, head of STADIA Art Platform, actress, theatre teacher, and Andrejs Garkavi – creative director of STADIA Art Platform, actor, producer.

It is in the Ancient Egypt yet, about three thousand years B.C., when the Pharaoh Amenchotep recommended theatre, dance, and music events as a mean to improve the health state of the population. And nowadays, nothing has changed in this regard. After each theatre masterclass, we feel that we become better and believe stronger in ourselves, that we are able to detect and to eradicate our inner mental blocks and to develop our abilities. During teamwork, indeed, we learn to hear the partner, to acquire the sense of tempo and rhythm, to develop observation ability – these are essential qualities for cooperation.

The skills and abilities acquired during the theater masterclasses fulfill our lives with light, joy, and creativity, which, in their turn, help to recover health and to recharge our energy.