Seminar “Where to Find Health?”

Thoughts, emotions, food, physical activity – which are the factors to influence our health and to which extent? How can we maximize the positive impact of some factors and minimize the negative ones? How to arrange priorities and to create our own, individual balance in life?  On October 18, 2019, in the premises of Svētās Ģimenes Māja, Valerijs Rakovs held a meeting dedicated to health issues where he shared his own expense in activating the inner body resources.

Here are some opinions of the participants.

Valērija Aleksandrova: “I have learnt a lot of interesting, important, and useful information about healthy and active way of living. The most precious thing about this seminar is that the person which shares his knowledge, is really the one who have experienced everything personally and got positive results. Moreover, Valērijs is able to speak in a very understandable manner and truly inspires other people to adopt a positive and active attitude in life.”

Tatjana Broņicka: “It was an excellent, inspiring, and very informative meeting. A sincere story of one person’s life who shared really precious recommendations how to make one’s life better and brighter, but in the end also to improve health due to a correct attitude towards yourself, disease, and problems which affect everybody one way or another.”