The Mārtiņdienas Market at the Shopping Centre DOLE

On November 8-9, 2019, the participants of the MOTUS VITA association had a possibility to show their handcrafted items at the Mārtiņdienas market at the Shopping Centre DOLE in Riga. The art objects were created in the frame of the art therapy program and performed in a variety of art techniques. Painted silk, glass, and wood, as well as stuffed toys and souvenirs attracted the attention of thousands of market visitors, but our artists enjoyed a lot of praiseful words.

This kind of events and the eyes of the artists bursting with joy is the best proof of the extreme healing power of art therapy. The miracle of artistic creation allows to learn more about yourself and to discover your talents, activates the hidden resources of the body. “Thanks to the involvement in creative activities, we become better persons, but our life is filled with light and joy, so there is no time left for diseases” – this is the strong belief of the participants of the art therapy program.