Award for Supporting People with Special Needs

On December 3, 2019, an award ceremony of the “Annual Award for Supporting People with Special Needs” was held in the National Library of Latvia.

This competition is being organized for the fifth year running by the Ombudsman of the Republic of Latvia in cooperation with the organization of people with disabilities and their friends “Apeirons”. The aim of the contest is to find examples of good practice in supporting persons with disabilities, to evaluate individual achievements, and to promote activities of the non-governmental organizations.

There were two categories of the nominees this year in the contest – individual results and achievements of the non-governmental organizations. The jury presented awards in six nominations.

The Association for persons with special needs MOTUS VITA was awarded in the nomination “Boldness”.

The award in the nomination “Boldness” is hand out according to such criteria as courage, fairness, and equity. The nominees in this category have been persons or teams, who despite their own special needs, show through their activities that it is possible to step outside one’s comfort zone, to go even greater lengths, and to prove that we are all equal. The main thing is to ignore criticism and to not fear the unknown. In this nomination, such audacious achievements have been taken into account as initiative implementation or active efforts with the aim to protect the rights and the interests of disables people in any field, to change the existing order or society stereotypes, to receive support from the lawmakers or international bodies. These are people whose slogan is “Everybody Can!”

We are extremely grateful to all the members of the Association for persons with special needs MOTUS VITA, our close ones, as well as partners and volunteers for their excellent and valuable cooperation this year.