Neurodynamic Drawing Techniques

Neurographics surprised, fascinated, and invited us to look deeper and understand ourselves. It is an incredibly interesting method! An amazing neurographics class was held by the neurographics instructor Inga Lukašinska.

In the beginning Inga told us about the background of the method and various neurodynamic drawing techniques which allow:

  • to change the existing, ineffective behavioral models;
  • to discover one’s creative potential;
  • to plan / to model positive scenarios of future events.

Within the practical part of the session we learned a technique developed by Pavel Piskarev, which is one of the latest creative methods.  The neurographyc drawing helps to transform problems in the unconscious level by erasing barriers, contributing to harmony and healing.

Neurography is a tool to decrease internal stress and to turn it into a positive resource, in other words -one more tool to maintain and to improve one’s state of health.