February 28 – International Rare Disease Day

At the initiative of the European Rare Diseases Organisation EURORDIS, the 29th of February has been officially named the International Rare Disease Day. On non-leap years the Rare Disease Day is celebrated on February 28.

The Latvian Alliance for Rare Diseases, together with the Alliance’s member MOTUS VITA organisation, tries to attract the attention of the society to persons with rare diseases.

Despite of a variety of symptoms and consequences of rare diseases, the main problems of the greatest part of rare disease patients are still the same. Rare diseases are not studied enough, consequently, the majority of diagnoses are considered as untreatable. There is a lack of qualified medical professionals, there are difficulties with early, accurate diagnostics, specific treatment, and rehabilitation.

Nevertheless, a determined and deep work shall allow even in these circumstances to raise the quality of life of rare diseases patients.